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    5 Reasons to Choose a Corporate Media Production Company in Dubai for Your Video Branding

    There’s a reason why 94% of marketers who use video plan to continue in 2022. Video brand marketing is remarkably effective. If you want to get your message across in an engaging, creative, and memorable way, videos are the way to go.

    A Corporate Media Production Company in Dubai Can Elevate Your Branding

    In today’s competitive commercial marketing world, making sure that your branding is on point is crucial. You need to inspire, communicate, and instil confidence – sometimes in seconds. Now, static content is all well and good, but a video can say so much more, in much less time. 

    Now, you may have already thought long and hard about your branding, strategised, planned, even procrastinated, to get your message exactly right, but deliver it in the wrong way and all that hard work will be for nothing. 

    But, you don’t have to make this mistake. One of the most effective ways to communicate your brand message is to hire a corporate video production company in Dubai, like Sensa Productions, to storyboard, shoot and edit brand videos that really pack a punch. 

    Interested in learning the five reasons to choose a media production company for all your video branding? We’ve got the lowdown for you.

    High Quality Equipment

    In a world full of HD and UHD, do you really believe that SD video branding will inspire potential customers to buy into your brand? Probably not, and what’s worse, you may be pegged as an amateur. 

    Even if you have an iPhone 12, Galaxy S21 Ultra, or what some consumers consider to be the best camera money can buy, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro to shoot video on, the bottom line is that you simply won’t be able to shoot footage anywhere near as sublime as that of any corporate video production agency. 

    Now, you could go out and get your hands on a Fujifilm X-T4 digital camera, GoPro Hero8, even a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone, but here’s the question, do you know how to use them? Then there’s the editing software you’ll need to be able to expertly use to compile footage into a cohesive video. 

    Your best bet is to engage an experienced corporate video agency, like Sensa Productions, who not only have access to the best equipment but know how to use it to create videos that will elevate your brand.

    Expansive Knowledge of Lighting 

    It may sound simple, but believe us, lighting is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to video. Think of any film or television studio, they’re all artificially lit, right? Cameras don’t reflect lighting the same way that our human eyes do, so to capture necessary illumination, you’ll need to add artificial lighting.  

    Then there’s natural lighting. If you’re intending to shoot outside you’ll need to plan the shoot out to the finest detail – which includes knowing the optimal timeframe to shoot your video. Can you say that you’re confident that you know when the location lighting will be at its peak? Do you think that you’ll be able to arrange a shoot right down to the minute? 

    Remember, there’s much more to consider than the height of the sun. What about any shade, are you prepared to deal with any eventualities? Leading corporate videos in Dubai will be. 

    Lighting is crucial to making your video look professional. This requires experience – and the right equipment. Nail the lighting and you’ll draw attention to the important aspects of the video. Get it wrong and you’ll compromise the quality of the video. 

    What’s more, if you don’t have any lighting equipment, you’ll need to hire some. This comes at a cost – which can escalate and end up costing you much more than you originally thought.

    Background Noise

    Video may be a visual medium, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect sound quality. Anyone who’s ever shot a video of their friends on their mobile phone will know that in addition to capturing those funny, happy moments, you’ll record everything – including unwanted background noise. 

    Here’s the question: do you know how to edit the footage and remove all background noise? When playing back the video – especially if it’s on your computer or another device – you’ll likely notice loud background noise. Wind noise is an especially frustratingly culprit.

    This can be a big problem because it distracts viewers from the intended message of the video. Now sound can be the most challenging aspect of post- production and really requires the skills of that can only be found using the best corporate film production to make sure that it’s crystal clear, perfectly complementing the visuals. 

    Post-Production (video editing)

    One the subject of post-production, shooting the video is just one stage of the process. The next stage is post-production, and it can be argued that this is the most important stage. 

    So, let’s get the obvious question out of the way: are you a whizz with Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X? If not, it’s probably best to hire leading corporate film services, like those offered by Sensa Productions, to compile all the footage you’ve shot into a cohesive narrative.

    Now, let’s say that you’re not intimidated by using video editing software, how long do you think that it’ll take you to edit all the footage you’ve shot? Choose one of the most prominent corporate video agencies in Dubai – Sensa Productions, and you’ll be able to get your finished video branding out much quicker. 

    Something as straightforward as edited can be complicated. You’ll need to make sure that the visuals match the audio seamlessly. One second delay can make your video feel like it was put together by an amateur and you won’t instil that integral confidence. 

    You Don’t Have to Do It

    Businesses thrive when they employ people with the skills and experience to elevate their product or service offering. Or in simple terms, if you’re not an expert in tackling something, employ someone who is to get the job done.

    There is a lot of work that goes into making a video. As involved and experienced as decision-makers want to be or are, it’s better to get someone or a company who can devote their full attention to your video marketing. This is how you’ll achieve that stellar brand video. 

    Every video shoot needs to be project managed. Every video needs a script. Every video shoot needs one or more camera operators – even drone pilots – to shoot captivating footage… and we’ve not even started on the editing. 

    By taking advantage of the skills offered by corporate video production companies, you give yourself the best possible opportunity of achieving that visually arresting video that communicates everything that you want to communicate.

    Interested in learning why the award winning Sensa Productions has built a strong reputation as one of the leading video media production companies in Dubai, or how we can help you? Contact us today to find out more. 


    Questions to Ask a Film Production House in the UAE Before Choosing their Services

    Most of us like to think we know what to ask a business before deciding to utilise their services. Have they comparable experience? How long has they been in business? Have they won any awards? 

    These questions sound awfully generic, don’t you think? Surely, if you need to ascertain whether a production house has the requisite pedigree to create video content that will strike a chord with audiences, even competing with the very best films from other producers at global award shows, right? 

    What to ask a film production house before choosing one

    Below is a list of just a few questions consumers should ask production houses before committing to using their services. Trust us, if you want to find the best production studio in the UAE – or anywhere for that matter – getting the answers to these questions is paramount. 

    Can You Create Films of Varying Aesthetics? 

    Arguably, how you tell a story is just as important as the story itself. It’s about creating an experience – one that stay with your audience long after they’ve finished watching the film. 

    You don’t see many horror movies rich in vivid colours. The typical aesthetic is dark, morose, foreboding. It, pardon the pun, sets the scene, let’s the audience know that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. That darkness lurks. 

    A learned production studio like Sensa Productions will be able to design, advise and help you to create the right film aesthetic, whether you’re looking to create corporate product cinematography or a music video.

    How Will the Budget Be Used? 

    It’s all fine and well asking about video production cost, after all, you’d be irresponsible commissioning a production house to create films for online or TV distribution without first finding out how it’s likely to set you back, right? 

    However, what’s just as important as the cost of making a film is how the budget is used. You may just discover you’re being greatly overcharged and decide to find a production company elsewhere. 

    Let’s say, for instance, that your film would benefit from having a handful or aerial shots. Now, you might think that all aerial shots require hiring a helicopter. But do they? No. Today’s award-winning filmmakers will use drones to capture wide landscape shots that are indistinguishable from helicopter-mounted camera – for a fraction of the cost!

    Who Manages the Project to Make Sure that It’s Delivered on Time? 

    Not meeting deadlines is unprofessional – and can have substantial commercial knock-on effects, costing businesses money and damaging reputations. This is true whatever your business is and whatever sector you operate in.

    Whether production houses are shooting and editing TV adverts or creating product cinematography, detailing what happens at an important commercial event, even showcasing properties or crafting animated explainer videos, it’s important that customers are aware that each project is project managed efficiently. 

    This degree of transparency demonstrates professionalism and pride in one’s work. But it also shows that a production studio has made a commitment to delivering the very best service to its customers – something that Sensa Productions consistently demonstrates. 

    Asking the Right Questions Leads to the Right Answers 

    If you want to decide if any video producer in the UAE has the knowledge, experience, creativity and character to deliver the video content you need, you need to ask them the right questions.

    Don’t be afraid to be bold, specific or even scrupulous in the questions you ask. Remember, choosing a commercial video producer with the level of experience, expertise and acumen needed to deliver impactful video content means that asking the right questions is imperative!

    Interested in asking Sensa Digital a few questions? Why not get in touch with us today.

    JUMEIRAH LUXURY LIVING from Sensa Productions on Vimeo.

    What Are the Top Production Houses in Dubai?

    We all want the best product or service, right? We can’t think of anyone that, when given the choice, would not choose the best that their money could buy. This philosophy transcends geographic regions, sectors, products, and services. It’s universal. 

    The UAE region is positively bursting with some of the best video production houses the world has to offer. This should come as little surprise. Why? The region has some of the highest levels of ICT (information communication technology) adoption in the world. 

    From drones to autonomous vehicles, contactless buttons (which are ever-present in elevators – and have helped the UAE to minimise the spread of the coronavirus), widespread AI and robotics, the region has undergone striking digital transformation over the last decade. 

    Widespread innovation has transformed lives and made what was seemingly impossible just a decade ago now integral to everyday lives. Now, it’s impossible to list the breadth of new technology in a single blog (not is it the point of this blog), so we thought that we’d focus on innovation that will completely transform brand marketing in the coming years – video production.

    Now, let us ask you a question: do you know which are the best production houses in Dubai? The businesses you need to supercharge your organic and brand marketing in 2022 in preparation for what will be the primary means of ranking and brand promotion in 2023? We do.

    The Best Video Production Houses in Dubai?

    Keep reading below to discover which Dubai production houses you need to employ this year to supercharge your marketing and stay one step ahead of the competition.

    EDS FZE 

    Okay, given that video production will become intrinsically linked to organic search in the coming years, for our first pick we’ve gone with a digital marketing agency with a strong commitment to video production.

    EDS FZE is based in Dubai Silicone Oasis and offer corporate video production along with a wealth of other digital marketing services and have built a reputation for their strong, persuasive and brand-specific video content, EDS provide commercial videos, brand video content and animation. 

    Boasting more than twelve years’ experience, EDS have created video content for corporate events, TV and web adverts, and product showcases. They offer a full suite of video services, all shot in 4K UHD and HD audio.

    Sounds great, right? However, before you pick up the phone and make an enquiry, there’s a few things you should know. First of all, they’re not a film production house in Dubai. They’re a digital marketing agency. This means that they don’t specialise in video content. Surely, if you’re looking for a business to elevate your brand with video content, you need to choose an exclusive film production company.

    There’s also the slight hiccup that they don’t have any real examples of film production on their site which is a red flag in our books, after all, the proof’s in the pudding, right? 

    Sensa Productions

    An award-winning video production house, Sensa Productions specialise in creating video content for brands and businesses. Having worked with an impressive list of UAE – and global – businesses, Sensa Productions has partnered with Ford, Porsche, Emirates, Oman Air, Jumeriah, and Anantara, creating immersive, inspiring, and opinion-shaping video content. 

    The proud recipient of numerous film-making awards across the UAE, Europe, and the USA, Sensa Productions leverages 4K, UHD technology to tell powerful on-brand stories that invoke psychological and emotional reactions from a diverse range of audiences. 

    Whether you’re looking for a film production company who can showcase your brand, create a compelling narrative, and deliver agility and flexibility, creating video content that tells an immersive story whilst expertly showcasing your values, products, or services, Sensa Productions is the production house in Dubai you need to choose. 

    Sky Vision

    Now, as we’ve mentioned at the start of this blog, innovation is not to be underestimated. In fact, it’s necessary. To truly achieve impactful video content, you need to look at Dubai production houses and choose the one that can innovate. 

    This is exactly what Sky Vision does. Renowned for their ability to deliver cutting-edge drone videography, Sky Vision can add a whole new perspective to your content. With unrivalled passion for the medium and a commitment to pushing the creative boundaries, Sky Vision can create videography that’s immerses and influences. 

    Like you’d expect, Sky Vision uses only cutting-edge equipment, including 4K ultra-HD cameras, cutting-edge studio equipment, and leading DJI Mavic drones to plan, execute and edit aerial video content. From shooting glorious panoramic video content of landscapes to capturing Dubai’s urban landscape, Sky Vision’s videography has a transportive effect on audiences.

    In fact, Sky Vision has won more than 20 awards worldwide for the sublime videos. If you want to elevate your brand, you need Sky Vision’s videos. It’s that simple.

    The Top Dubai Production House

    So, as you can see, there are only a handful of production houses in Dubai that have the skills, experience, creative and technical acumen to deliver video content that elevates your business, brand, or story to the stratosphere. 

    Remember, choosing the right production house is essential to achieving your ambitions. Choose the right one and you’ll leave the competition grounded while your brand, business, or story soars. 

    Who is the Best Company to Outsource Video Production in UAE?

    Anyone who knows anything about marketing will tell you that by 2022, 80% of organic search traffic will be for video content. The time of video has arrived. It’s no longer a good attribute to have as part of a considered marketing campaign, it’s now essential to driving traffic – and customer engagement.

    In-House or Outsourced Video Production? The Four Questions that You Should Ask Yourself 

    This has left businesses facing a question. Should they employ an in-house team to plan, shoot, and edit video content or do they need to outsource video production to a top video production company, like Sensa Productions. Of course, there are several different facets to this question. It’s not just a question of service, sector, or budget. 

    How to choose a video production company in the UAE

    So, let’s look at the five most common questions businesses must answer to decide if they should outsource their video production to the best video production company in UAE, Sensa Productions, or have it in house. Be sure to pay particular attention to each as they’re all paramount to making what could well be the most important marketing decision you’ll make this year.

    Question One: Have You Got the Manpower to Do Your Video Production In-House?

    Right now, not many businesses have the manpower to devote to video production. Whether that will remain the same in the coming years is another story, but as it stands, corporate in-house video production is generally reserved for media companies. 

    There’s a lot that goes into video production. From concept creation to script writing, shooting, and editing to promotion. It requires a team with a highly advanced skill set – something that’s not quite as simple as hiring a sales manager.

    Then there’s the issue of hiring multiple people. There’s a limited number of people who can proficiently conceptualise, shoot, edit, and promote video content… and most of them work for studios!

    Now imagine that you decide to hire a writer, an editor – even a drone videographer and you’ll quickly see how in-house costs can escalate. Don’t forget also that you could find someone who’s a genius at shooting yet cannot conceptualise to save their life!

    So, should you choose in-house or outsource your video content to the best video production company in the UAE, Sensa Digital? The answer is plain: outsource. 

    Question Two: What’s Your Video Production Budget? 

    If you’re thinking that you can save some money by producing your videos in-house, think again. As all media production houses know, video equipment is expensive – and at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. 

    Hiring a full in-house team alone will cost you a fortune – and that’s without the necessary equipment you’ll need. There’s also the insurance, office space. You may have to open a separate studio for all your video production.

    Below is a list of the basic equipment you’ll need for all your corporate film production: 

    • 4K camera from leading brands like Canon, Sony, or Panasonic – $900 upwards
    • Three-point lighting kit – $125 upwards
    • Camera lenses $200 to tens of thousands
    • Tripods $200 to thousands 
    • Headphones $50 to thousands

    As you can see, setting up an in-house videography studio doesn’t come cheap! And that’s just for starters!

    So, should you choose in-house videography or outsourced video production by one of the best video production companies in UAE – Sensa Digital? The answer is plain: outsource.

    Question Three: Are You a Good Storyteller? 

    Making great video content isn’t about point and shoot. It’s about telling a compelling story. Drawing viewers in with your narrative. Communicating who you are and what you do creatively. Standing out from the competition… and so much more. 

    Are you confident that you, or anyone you may employ in-house can offer these skills? Do you want to take the risk of employing someone, only to discover that whereas their technical prowess is commendable, their storytelling skills are somewhat lacking? If not, then there’s only one solution. 

    However, as we guess you’re beginning to realise, there’s much more to this question. What about omnichannel storytelling? If you’re intent on promoting your video, are you confident that you’ll be able to find someone who’ll understand the difference between video marketing on Twitter and YouTube. What about Facebook and Instagram? Again, we’ve only scratched the surface. 

    So, should you choose in-house videography or outsourced video production for your corporate film production in Fujariah? The answer is plain: outsource. 

    Question Four: Can You Adapt to the Ever-Evolving Video Landscape? 

    Video is constantly evolving. From technology to techniques, trends to formats, nothing about video remains stagnant. To continue to create immersive video content that immerses audiences, you need to adapt to the landscape. 

    This is something that even the most ambitious and creative of businesses can fail to do. Let’s examine one aspect. So, you’ve forked out an arm and a leg for a fully kitted out studio. You’ve employed the best people you can at great expense, only to hit a stumbling block: the video content you create is outdated. People want drone videography. What happens now? You have to go back to the drawing board – only this time, you’re hugely out of pocket.

    Adapting to the evolving landscape is something that every video studio or videographer needs to do. Technology and trends come and go. Storytelling changes. Consumer expectations elevate. That’s a fact of our digital world. Your in-house setup could be fantastic in 2021. Obsolete in 2022. 

    So, should you choose in-house videography or outsource your video content to production companies in Sharjah? The answer is plain: outsource. 

    Any Argument Has Been Settled About Video Production 

    The bottom line is that to leverage video production as part of your marketing strategy, you need to employ the services of a video productions company like Sensa Digital. It’s that simple. 

    Do this and you’ll save money, have cutting-edge video content, and promote your brand through compelling storytelling, giving yourself the best possible ROI. You’ll influence. You’ll communicate. You’ll be educated. You’ll compel. You’ll stand out from the competition. It’s that simple. 

    Interested in learning how Sensa Productions can help you to showcase authority and build authority through great video content? Contact us today to find out more.

    Five Key Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Top Videographer in Dubai for Your Corporate Event

    There are few better ways to build brand awareness, network with professional colleagues, cultivate relationships and grow the reach of your brand in person than with corporate events. Despite the growth and popularity of digital marketing, there really is no substitute for the face time you can have at corporate events.

    Now, before you stop and say that corporate events are no longer a priority, that they’ve been halted by the global pandemic, let us stop you and say that yes, at the moment, corporate events may be on the back burner, but they existed long before COVID-19 and they’ll likely exist long after we’ve beaten the virus. 

    A Good Videographer in Dubai Can Transform Your Company Image

    This means that right now businesses have a unique opportunity. They can strategize, plan for the future. Devote some time to deciding how to launch their business into a post-COVID world and get one step ahead of the competition. It’s all about consumer confidence. Brands can assure customers that despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, they are still in a position to provide valued services to customers.

    How can they do this? Well, a good way is to launch a new product, host training workshops, or run seminars. Better still, you can supercharge your corporate event by hiring a corporate videographer to capture the occasion and then promote it online. 

    Interested in learning more? Here are five key reasons why you should consider hiring a videographer to capture your corporate event. 

    Professional Corporate Event Video Boosts Your Brand Awareness

    These days anyone with a smartphone can create crisp video content. But does that mean that it’ll be any good? Well, without being cynical, the odds are unlikely. If you want to make an impact, you need to hire corporate videography services, like those offered by Sensa Productions, to truly capture the event.

    Remember, potential customers who’ll watch your video aren’t just learning about the event, they’re learning about what you do and who you are. They’ll judge you based on the quality of your content. A video that looks like it was shot on a shaky cam, edited poorly or, worse yet, doesn’t reflect the event itself won’t inspire any confidence in your brand.

    A professionally shot video with high production values tells viewers that you have taken the time to make sure that the image you are promoting is professional – and that this dedication is likely to be reflected in everything you do.

    Professional Videographers Know How to Capture Corporate Events

    Hire professional Dubai videographers, like Sensa Productions, and you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that they know how to conduct themselves at any corporate event. They know how to film discreetly, unobtrusively – whilst capturing the event in its entirety. 

    Amateur videographers don’t have the level of expertise to do this. Oftentimes, they can miss important elements of the event, and even disturb the invitees or disrupt the proceedings. This poses a problem because, not only can it disrupt people attending the event, it can result in badly shot footage that not even post-production can fix.

    Professional Corporate Videographer Knows How to Edit Footage

    Capturing stellar footage of a corporate event is one thing. Editing it into a clear, succinct narrative is another. As good as amateur videographers may be at capturing a corporate event, the odds are that they don’t have the necessary expertise or access to software to edit the footage to ensure that it tells the story of your event.

    There is much that goes into video editing. From understanding how to cut the footage together to how to overlay sound with video, remove background noise, add subtle effects… the list goes on. 

    Knowing this is essential. Why? Production values are what makes the difference between video content that embodies professionalism and inspires confidence and content that’s, well, bland. Amateur. Editing videos without the benefit of professional video creators is like trying to run a marathon without any training. 

    Professional Videographers are Storytellers

    Businesses like Sensa Productions do more than just shoot and edit footage. They are storytellers. Communicators. They inspire. They prompt action. It is only through passion, dedication, and years of experience that this can be achieved. 

    Your corporate event can offer so much more than information about a product you’re launching or a workshop you’re arranging. It can be the most important element of your brand marketing. It can make that emotional connection that turns prospects into brand advocates. It can give you an identity, a narrative. This is much more powerful than recording events as they unfold, and this is precisely what a cinematographer in Dubai can deliver. 

    The Whole Process Will Be Completed in a Timely Manner

    Amateurs cannot complete a task as fast as professionals. That’s just a fact of life, regardless of discipline. Now, you may be thinking that you have all the time you need to shoot, edit, and promote a video, but do you really?

    Remember, events can be forgotten. Especially specifics. Busy professionals, people who have multiple responsibilities, make decisions paramount to the business, or whose day never looks the same, are unlikely to remember a corporate event they attended weeks, let alone months later. Delays can be the death of an impression for any business video maker

    If you want to reinforce the positive impression that you made hosting a corporate event, you need to make sure that it remains fresh in the minds of stakeholders and decision-makers. How can you do this? By promoting a video of the event.

    A professional videographer in Dubai can shoot, edit, and deliver a video of your corporate event in a fraction of the time that you do it yourself. This then allows you to bolster your brand awareness and achieve an immediate ROI.

    The Bottom Line… You Need to Hire a Top Videographer in Dubai for Your Corporate Event

    No one will watch bland, uninspired videos. It’s really that simple. You’ll waste all the time, effort, and troubles of shooting, editing, and promoting a corporate video. If you want to make the right impression, you need to hire the services of Dubai videographers

    Interested in learning how Sensa Productions can help you to create stellar, opinion-shaping corporate video? Contact us today to find out more.

    What the Top Video Production Companies in UAE Should Offer

    This article should help you decide how to choose from the top video production companies in UAE. The way we consume content is changing. Copy and infographics are all good and well, they serve their purpose, but as the years roll by, it becomes increasingly difficult to innovate.

    Now, of course, good content writers and graphic designers can think outside the box, creating content that engages and inspires, driving traffic to websites and adding value, but the time has come for marketers (and brands) to do more. In 2021, leveraging video content is something that every brand needs to do and corporate production companies in UAE can help businesses to achieve their goals.

    Why? Well, there are several reasons. For one, you can diversify your content, creating an all-around better experience for your prospects and customers. Then there’s the opportunity to communicate messages in a more succinct and engaging way – whilst bolstering your brand values. All this can be neatly packaged in a well put together video.

    So, now comes the next question: how do you choose a video production company in UAE that has the expertise, experience, creativity, and technical flair to create video content that perfectly encapsulates who you are, what you can do, and what you can offer customers? By following our advice.

    What the Top Video Companies in UAE Should Offer

    Think for a moment, what ad made a difference to your purchasing? What is the most impactful ad you remember? When we read something like that it makes us think of TV ads. The Coca-Cola holidays are coming Christmas TV ad is one that we all know. Guinness has established a reputation for creating memorable TV ads – remember the surfing with white horses or the octogenarian swimming against the clock for a pint and who can forget the Budweiser frogs.

    Now, these are all examples of the best TV ads in modern memory. Today, media production companies in Dubai, like Sensa Productions can design and shoot videos that are just as engaging, just as inspiring, just as fun – all while making sure that they mirror brand values whilst appealing to target personas.

    This is what a top video production or video editing company in Dubai should do. However, there’s more. To get your brand noticed, production companies should demonstrate prowess in a whole range of attributes.

    Below is an overview of what the top video production companies in the UAE should be able to offer you in 2021. Be sure to read the whole article – it could just save you from choosing a production company who cannot offer what you’re looking for.

    Tailored Solutions for Video Projects

    A good production company will be able to provide a range of services. From commercials to event videography, corporate video content to drone videography, the range of services reflect the expertise of the video media production agency.

    Of course, before choosing a productions company, it’s a good idea to check that they have expertise in the type of video you need. After all, there’s no point getting in touch with an agency that specialises in creating short marketing videos if you want professional corporate video to showcase your brand or products, right?

    It’s also important to decide if you want video production or live video broadcasting. There are distinct differences between the two, but the most notable is that live video broadcasting is, well, live. Video production includes storyboarding, shooting and post-production editing.

    Then there’s outreach. Do you want a video production service that creates the content and then markets it? If so, it’s worth checking what services any Dubai media production houses you’re considering employing offer.

    Scalable Video Services

    As you’ll find in any other sector, there are various advantages and disadvantages of working with a large or a small company. These can range from the time it takes to complete a project to how much it costs.

    Smaller media production companies in Dubai tend to be more client centric. This means that they can devote more time to individual projects, offering a potentially better client ROI. They’ll also likely offer a more personalised service. Conversely, larger production houses have their merits too. For one, they’re likely to be able to complete projects faster and therefore likely to be able to start your project sooner.

    Should you choose a production company based on their size? No. Remember, just because a business is bigger, it doesn’t mean that it’s better. The top video production companies in the UAE should be able to provide you with scalable services – giving you the option of increasing spend to increase your ROI.

    An Understanding of Sectors, Personas and Demographics to Help Video Marketing

    There’s much that goes into creating immersive, engaging video content. Nailing the tone, aesthetic, and content of your video can be a challenge. Some Dubai media production houses focus on creating videos for specific sectors. Others build a portfolio of video content that, whilst not being for the same sector, is geared towards similar personas and demographics.

    However, a top video production company in UAE should always take the time to get to know you and your business. To understand your values and goals for the project. To understand the types of people that you want to influence. This is exactly what Sensa Productions does.

    What to Expect from a Video Production Company in UAE

    So, what should you expect from a video production company? Well, there are a few things: prowess, creativity, passion, dedication, experience, expertise, understanding of different sectors, personas, and demographics.

    You should expect a strong portfolio of work. Video content that engages, inspires, informs, educates. Video content that reflects your brand values, achieves its purpose, and meets your budget.

    Basically, you should expect everything that Sensa Productions offers.

    Choosing a Media Production Company in Dubai

    The demand for video content is increasing. At the start of 2021, 86% of businesses consider video marketing to be a core activity integral to their marketing campaigns. However, that’s not the only eye-opening statistic. Find the right media production company in Dubai.

    91% of marketers believe that the pandemic has made video marketing more important for brands. The key driver for this opinion has been the rise of video content consumed. You only need to look at the popularity of YouTube or the rise of streaming services – and not just during the pandemic – to see just how many people gravitate towards video content. 

    When done right, video marketing can build trust and credibility, boost conversion rates, encourage social media shares, and give your SEO a real shot in the arm. In the hyper competitive world of digital marketing, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that shrewd businesses are clamouring to find an independent production company in Dubai, or across the world for that matter, who can create and share video content. 

    But how do you know which media production company is likely to be able to create stellar video content that’s immersive, on point with your brand and inspires your customers? Choose the right company. 

    What You Need To Do When Choosing A Media Production Company In Dubai

    Let’s face it, right now it’s important for businesses to tighten their belts and work to a budget. Depending on the nature and size of your enterprise – and the scope of any video marketing you choose to undertake, it might not make financial sense to hire a full-time in-house production team. Most businesses are probably best commissioning a media productions company with significant expertise in filmmaking – like Sensa Productions – to create impactful video content. 

    Whether your intent on supercharging your brand awareness or are about to launch a new product line and want to instantly make a splash, the value of hiring a learned and creative video company cannot be overstated. Best of all? You’ll save yourself so much money hiring expertise on a project-by-project basis as opposed to having a full-time in-house studio. 

    Now, there’s a wealth of media production companies in Dubai, as there are all over the world. To find the right one, there are several actions that you need to take. Interested in learning more? Keep reading. 

    Have a List of Companies You Want to Approach

    Now, there are a couple of ways that you can begin to identify who you need to approach. Colleague recommendations are a good start – after all, no one’s likely to recommend a business that they’ve had a bad experience with. A good experience, on the other hand… well, let’s just say it’s worth its weight in marketing gold. 

    Another way to see if Dubai media production houses you’re considering are up to par is to check out their previous work. Visit their website. Check their social media. Look for videos with exemplary production qualities. Be sure to pay attention to stylistic elements. Have they created video content for enterprises similar to yours? Do they get the message across in a compelling way? Are they creative, experienced, knowledgeable? All these questions will help you gain the insight you need to decide if they’re the right video production company for you. 

    Be Clear with Your Objectives

    There’s no two ways about it, one of the key steps to finding the right media productions company is be clear with your objectives. Any brief should include all relevant information about who you are and what you do, the key messages you want to promote, target demographic and all relevant information.

    Good content briefs are all about the specifics. This will help you to hone what you need and help Dubai production houses to understand what you’re looking for. This will save you precious time and ensure that all initial discussions are productive and useful.

    Decide What Questions You Want to Ask

    Before meeting a video media production house, you’re likely to have a few questions to ask. Make sure to prioritise the questions which are most important to you and pay particular attention to the answers. 

    Important questions could be something like what’s the cost? How do they work? What experience do they have creating videos similar to what you want? Can they share some success stories with you? Why were they considered successful? 

    Once you know what you want to ask, you can save yourself a whole load of time and effort and remember any good independent production company in Dubai will be happy to answer your questions!

    Discuss Your Goals in Detail

    Don’t be shy with your goals. Why? How else are you going to understand if a production house is capable of meeting your goals. Ask them if they have worked with customers who had similar goals – and how they achieved them.

    If possible, setup a face-to-face meeting. This is the best way to get your personality across and see if the production house has values that are aligned with your own. If social distancing still prohibits a face-to-face meeting, set-up a Zoom or Teams call. Schedule enough time for you to get a feel for the media production agency, paying particular attention to assessing if the proposed working relationship is likely to be seamless.

    Make Sure You Clarify the Timeframe

    Of course, videos are a creative endeavour – one that requires considered planning, execution and post production. To assume that everything will be done and dusted in a matter of days is a mite ambitious – after all, there’s a wealth of different elements that make up great vide production. However, there’s no harm in asking for a timeframe for completion. 

    Once you know when the project will likely be completed, you can then plan any marketing activity that you want to do off the back of the video. You might want to push it out on social media or plan to use it in an online seminar, even attend a conference and show potential new clients what your business is capable of. 

    By clarifying the timeline and setting a deadline with your chosen independent production company in Dubai, you can organise and manage all your other activities and make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

    How to Choose a Media Production Company

    The bottom line is that choosing from the range of independent production companies who’ll be able to create video content for you is all about knowing what you want, what companies can offer and being organised.

    Sensa Productions has significant experience created stellar, tailored video content for a vast range of clients – you only need to check out our previous work to see that. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today. We offer a wide range of video production services in Dubai. For example, we are a well respected commercial video production company too.

    Commercial Video Production Dubai – Promote Your Business

    There’s no denying it, video content is on the rise. Leading industry experts have predicted that by 2022, video content will drive 80% of consumer traffic. This means that if you want to make sure that your business ranks well organically, you need to hire a commercial video company in Dubai. It’s that simple.

    Now, that’s a year off, but clear signs that video is the future of brand awareness. Just adding a video to your landing page will increase conversion rates by 80% and just adding the word ‘video’ to your email subject increases open rates by 19%. Not bad, right?

    What does this mean? You could and should use video content to bolster your business There’s no longer any doubt that commercial video production in Dubai will grow your business. Interested in learning of all the benefits that a business like Sensa Productions can offer you? We have the answers for you. 

    Why You Need A Commercial Video Company in Dubai

    Let’s look at the main benefits of hiring a creative video production company like Sensa Productions. Once you have read the below please feel free to browse our portfolio of commercial video production projects previously carried out by Sensa Productions. We cater to all needs in Dubai and worldwide.

    Build Brand Awareness With Slick Promotional Video Production

    Let us ask you a question: do people even know that your business exists? The standard answer is probably yes – some do, but we could always do with more. Now, in an online landscape that’s saturated with content, imagery, copy, audio, video, making sure that your business stands out from the pack is paramount. 

    Think about YouTube ads for a moment. How many ads have you come across for Raid Shadow Legends? Nord VPN. These ads seem to be perennial, regardless of the content you choose to watch. 

    Short video ads pack a hell of a punch. They build brand awareness. They can turn prospects into customers in the blink of an eye – or a however long the video is. Why would you invest so much time creating other types of content when you can make prospect’s minds up for them in a matter of seconds? The bottom line: corporate video production services build brand awareness. 

    Create Demand With Video Made by Marketing Oriented Producers

    Now, copy and imagery are all well and good, but if you want to encourage people to visualise, truly visualise, what they could have if they bought a product or service then the only option is video content. 

    When looking to find out more information about a product or service, 72% of people would choose to watch a video over reading content – when copy is on the same page. This is a strong as case as you’re going to get for hiring a video maker company in Dubai to create immersive, engaging, or educational content. 

    Think of it this way. When was the last time that you wanted to find out how to solve a problem. Let’s say something to do with your computer, how to stop buffering when streaming content. Do you read an article or watch a video? We’d venture a guess that most people watch videos. Why? They’re quick. You get to see what the ‘expert’ is doing. You can solve any problems in a matter of minutes.

    Now, let’s apply those benefits to commercial videos. Watch a video and you’ll be able to envision yourself using the product, staying at the hotel, and so forth. When done right, promotional videos are a great way of creating demand. 

    Maximise Engagement With Promotional Videos Targeted To Your Market

    It’s no surprise that brands heavily focus on engagement. After all, what good is driving traffic to a site if once visitors are there, the content is drab, uninspiring. Visitors have no reason to stick around. So, they don’t. 

    Successful businesses know how to maximise engagement online – and one of the best ways to do this is to leverage marketing video production to really demonstrate who you are and what your products are services can do. 

    So, how does video maximise engagement? Simple. Through targeted, yet diverse content. From how-to guides to tutorials, webinars to event videos, product reviews, interviews – even vlog content. These videos do something that’s vital to any brand – they add value. 

    Then there’s live streaming. We don’t think that anyone will be shocked to learn that live streaming has grown in popularity over the last few years, leading many a commercial video production company in Dubai to leverage the live aspect of video production to help brands promote their products and services – think Apple live launches of new product. How many views do they get? A lot. 

    This maximises engagement, helping customers to identify and connect with brands. And remember, the more engagement your brand gets, the more products and services you can sell.

    Google Likes Video Content and Loves Great Video Content

    As mentioned at the start of this blog, Google really likes video content. This isn’t going to change. If anything, it’ll only increase as 2021 and 2022 unfold. Right now, it’s a great opportunity to jumpstart your organic marketing by upping your spend on marketing video production in Dubai.

    Now, there’s much that goes into optimising video content for search. For one you need to choose the right video platform to showcase your brand. You’ll need and attention-grabbing title, SEO-rich description, and engaging thumbnail. But more important, you’ll need to make sure that your marketing video production in Dubai, or anywhere in the world for that matter, is on point. 

    To do this, you need to hire the services of a business that knows how to create content that people love. A business like Sensa Productions. Think of it this way, what good is a honed SEO strategy if your video content is boring, blurry, or just plain bad?

    You Need a Commercial Video Company to Grow Your Business

    The bottom line is that you need the services of a promotional video company to grow your business. Every day that you’re not leveraging video content is a day of missed opportunity. 

    Google’s biggest algorithm update – one that judges your website on individual page authority – is just around the corner. You only have a matter of months to optimise your website. 

    Interested in learning how Sensa Productions can help you to create a commercial video that will showcase your business? Contact us today to find out more.

    We are also a leading video editor in Dubai, in case you have already started production and need someone to complete the production with award winning video editing. 

    Below Is The Making of Our Internationally Acclaimed Film The Jigsaw. Which won 25 awards at film festival around the world.