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    Film Production Companies in Dubai – Sensa Productions

    Sensa Productions – Providing Valued, Tailored and Opinion-Making Film Production Across the UAE. 

    Sensa Productions is a multi-award-winning film production company in Dubai

    With a rich history of creating immersive video content that inspires and influences audiences. Sensa has worked with top brands and respected organisations such as the Dubai Police:

    DUBAI POLICE RECRUITMENT VIDEO from Sensa Productions on Vimeo.

    Drawing on unrivalled creativity and experience, Sensa Productions storyboards, shoots and edits video content that will focus your message and elevate your brand. If you’d like to learn how Sensa Productions helps customers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain – the whole of the UAE, to create stellar video content, get in touch with us today.

    Why Choose Sensa Film Production to Promote Your Business in Dubai and throughout the UAE?

    Businesses need video content. Why? It’s quite simple. Audiences who view video content retain 95% of the message. That’s a powerful statistic – with a return on your investment that’s difficult to match.

    But there’s more. Even back in 2021, approximately 80% of consumer internet traffic was video. It’s the evolution of search. It’s the evolution of content creation. In 2024 it has never been more important to hire a film production company.

    Video content engages different senses. By combining audio and visual, you can reinforce the intent, purpose, and message of what you’re communicating. Each second can spark interest, communicate value, and bolster authority.

    Businesses don’t have the luxury of time to build a rapport with their customers. Our increasingly digital world has resulted in consumers expecting to get access to the information they want immediately. Every second counts, maximising the impact of your content is paramount. Video does just this.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, the impact of video content is huge. You can demonstrate who you are and what you’re about in seconds. You can pique attention, demonstrate authority, and immerse viewers. Informing, educating, inspiring, convincing, and rewarding in seconds.

    Now think about static content. Can you do the same? Of course, you can pique attention, inform, and maybe educate in thirty seconds, but that’s about it. Bottom line, static content takes longer to absorb than video content. Static content tells a part of story. Video tells the whole story.

    Don’t forget that everyone watches videos. Google knows this – and they prioritize video when indexing content. If you want to be found online, you need to have video content. Engaging the services of production houses in UAE to create video content has proven to be one of the most successful ways of getting your business noticed.

    Why Choose a Reputable Film Production Company in Dubai like Sensa Productions?

    The UAE is unlike anywhere else in the world. Its famed for the striking contrast of its landscapes, from chic, urbane cityscapes to chromatic white beaches. The northern extent of Rub Al Khali even has a smattering of lush forests and The Sustainable City is a feast for the eyes.

    Production houses in the UAE take advantage of these glorious backdrops by shooting videos in some of the world’s most vivid landscapes and city meccas. From videos shot around the Burj Khalifa to panoramic views of the world’s largest desert – Rub Al Khali (or Empty Quarter) – any cinematographer in Dubai has a bountiful choice of landscapes to let their imagination run wild and create bespoke content.

    Even better, UAE’s landscape is constantly evolving. Sleek architectural structures contrast historic landmarks. Lush landscapes dotted across the region complement saltwater creeks with distinctive port harbours. As the years unfold and technology becomes more and more advanced, new areas of the UAE can be explored and captured. The very landscape itself evolves from one year to another, giving creative cinematographers a bountiful palette from which they draw inspiration and create unique content.

    Choose a creative media production company like Sensa Productions and you’re guaranteed impactful video content that shows off the region’s rich diversity – communicating you’re an organizations’ narrative in an inspired way.

    From an aerial view of the historic Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum House to the internationally renowned Sustainable City, even the Jumeriah Beach Hotel and JBR Open Beach, the UAE is one of the more aesthetically diverse regions in the world.

    Film production companies in Dubai, like Sensa Productions, know how to use the natural landscape and cosmopolitan surroundings to create sublime video content that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world.

    Why Sensa Productions Is the Premier Video Production Company in Dubai and throughout the UAE

    Sensa Productions can storyboard, shoot, and edit immersive panoramic views of UAE’s land and cityscapes. From aerial views of the glorious natural and urbane architecture to professionally shot branding video content, capturing those one-in-a-lifetime moments at a social soiree, and, of course, brand marketing material to inspire your audience, Sensa Productions can create video content tailored to your individual purpose.

    Having worked with a broad range of clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and across the whole of the UAE, Sensa Productions understands how to create video content that perfectly encapsulates your brand message, inspiring your target audience.

    We have won more than 25 awards internationally for our work, including a number of prestigious awards. These include an Award of Merit for the Best Shorts at a film festival in California, winner at the Southampton Film Festival and at the prestigious NAQSH Film Festival in Bahrain.

    As an award-winning cinematographer in Dubai, we have worked with a range of blue-chip organisations, providing stellar video content. From Mercedes Benz to Emirates, our production team has brought their creativity and technical skill to a range of projects.

    More than merely a production house, Sensa Productions uses cutting-edge 4K resolution cameras to capture videos in the most elegant detail. Moreover, we are vastly experienced using drones to create a truly cinematic experience.

    With a growing portfolio of blue-chip clients, Sensa Production’s reputation as one of the go-to film production companies in Dubai, and throughout the UAE is second-to-none. However, our diversity is demonstrated by our work with both established brands and smaller businesses alike. Able to identify what appeals to both expansive and broad audiences and creating a compelling visual narrative, we have achieved an excellent ROI for clients of all descriptions.

    The Range of Clients that Sensa Productions Has Worked with in Dubai and Around the World

    Below is a list that showcases why we are considered one of the leading production companies in Dubai:

    • Mercedes Benz
    • Emirates
    • Oman Air
    • Jumeriah
    • Finnair
    • Anantara
    • Porsche
    • Claire Baker Couture
    • Dubai Police

    Interested in learning more? How about checking out our customer testimonials.

    ‘Trustworthy and great to work with. Thank you for delivering right on time and to budget.’
    Yaser Taha, CMO, Jumeriah Luxury

    ‘From the concept to the implementation and the end results, we are impressed with the professionalism of the Sensa Productions team who truly delivered!’
    Greta Salsburg, Porsche

    Frequently Asked Questions of Sensa Productions Video Production

    Question: How much does it cost?

    Answer: The cost depends on the complexity of the project. Obviously, filming lasting several days will cost more than a single day. Also, the cost will increase depending on the amount of post- production required. The size of the production crew will be considered as will any location scouting. Sensa Productions work with clients who have a range of budgets, so whatever your requirements, you’ll receive a tailored quote.

    Question: How much client input is required?

    Answer: We like to work in partnership with our clients to learn as much about you as possible. This can involve face-to-face or video conferencing meetings. We may ask you to complete a short questionnaire and encourage you to have as much or as little input as you’d like with the scripting and visual process. (Can be amended if not accurate.) As a transparent video production company Dubai, we will keep you informed at every stage of the process, listening to feedback, and making sure that our videos are perfectly tailored to your vision.

    Question: What does video production involve?

    Answer: Every project is different, but broadly speaking, the production process has three separate phases.

    Pre-production: We work with you to learn about your organization and identify the core aims of your video(s). We’ll ask you questions like, who is your target audience? What is (are) your key message(s)? What are your goals for your video production? What are your organizations key values and what tone do you want your organization to embody?
    Production: Once we understand who you are and what you want to achieve, we will then plan and capture all the required footage. This could include aerial video using progressive drone technology or studio-based video. We will schedule production accordingly and take a plentiful amount of footage that will then be cut into a video that perfectly portrays your message

    Post-production: Once all the film has been shot we’ll edit the footage into a coherent narrative, adding music, graphics, and titles where appropriate. We give you the opportunity to provide your input, reviewing video drafts before the video is finalised (can be amended to suit process.)

    Question: What equipment does Sensa Productions use?

    Answer: We use only cutting-edge equipment to capture and produce videos of the highest quality. This includes 4K or 8K (can be amended to suit equipment used), the latest DJI Mavic drones, radio mics and lighting kit. We also employ the latest Adobe software to compile footage together and create visually stunning video (software used can be amended to suit software used.)

    Question: In what format will I receive my video files?

    Answer: We supply our videos in the most commonly used formats, .mov or .mp4. However, we’re happy to convert the files into another format if you’d like. (File format and conversion can be changed depending on service.)

    One of the most respected production companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, Sensa Productions combined extensive experience with unrivalled creativity and a depth of creative and technical understanding that cannot be matched. If you want to showcase your organisation to the world, Sensa Productions is the only business to consider.

    In 2023, 83% of businesses used video production as an essential part of their marketing strategy. Trust us, if you’re not doing the same, your competitors will be!

    Interested in learning how Sensa Digital can help you to influence your target audience by creating an immersive and memorable video experience? Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

    How Aerial Videography Has Changed the World – A History 

    The undeniable aerial feats of videography that drones capture have completely revolutionized the way that we view the world. Immersing us in a world unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, images of sun-drenched sand dunes or urban metropolises from high above can be achieved through skilled piloting and an eye for composition and detail.

    However, you might be surprised to learn that the history of aerial videography in Dubai – and across the globe – broadly dovetails the last century of human history more broadly than you may think.

    The First Recorded Aerial Photographs

    Not too long after commercial videography was first invented, aspirational amateurs began launching cameras into the sky using balloons, kites, and even rockets.

    The first successfully recorded aerial photograph was taken by Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858 from a hot air balloon which was tethered 262 feet over Petit-Clamart, just outside of Paris. In 1860 James Wallace Black used the same process to take capture Boston 2,000 feet in the air. This is the oldest surviving aerial photograph.

    Great Photographic Strides Forward

    Fast forward into the 20th Century and George Lawrence perfected a method of taking aerial panoramic photographs by affixing large-format cameras with curved plates to kites. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco provided the setting for his most famous photograph.

    Using 17 kites to suspend a camera 2,000 feet in the air, George Lawrence used electric current for exposure which was carried through the insulated core of the steel cable. The moment the shutter snapped, a small parachute was released. At this signal the picture was taken, the kites pulled down and the camera reloaded. This process was to pave the way for the future – and eventually to cutting-edge services, such as drone shooting services in Dubai.

    The Wright Brothers Present an Opportunity

    Just a few short years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, piloted and powered aircraft was first employed for aerial photographic purposes.

    The first such image was captured by cinematographer L.P. Bonvillain in 1908. The image was captured from an airplane over Le Mans, France – and the aircraft was piloted by none other than Wilbur Wright.

    WW1 and WW2

    Shortly after this WWI commenced. Military commanders used the advent of this emerging technology to capture cutting-edge (for 1914) aerial imagery of battlefields. Cameras were mounted on aircraft, and the wartime practice of aerial reconnaissance. This allowed nations to discover enemy movements and strategize for the future – and is a practice that is still employed to this day, alongside hobbyist and commercial drone shooting services in Dubai – or more aptly – across the globe.

    During WW2 wartime aerial and video become commonplace in newspapers, magazine and movie theatre newsreels. Famed LIFE photographer Margaret Bourke-White became the first woman to fly with a US combat crew over enemy soil when she photographed the U.S. attacks on Tunis. Her images were printed in LIFE’s March 1st, 1943 issue.

    This conflict also served as the first time that the U.S. would experiment with rudimentary drone aircraft, like the TDR-1. Its purpose? To be an imaging platform.

    Into The 1980’s and 1990’s

    The drones that we’re all familiar with – and that provide such breath-taking aerial videography Dubai – and throughout the world – began to first appear in the 1980s. Although nowhere near as technologically advanced as even the most basic of drones are today, their arrival heralded a clear signal of what was to come and the dawning of drone technology.

    Israeli engineers were the first to develop what we think of as modern drones. They were equipped with a video camera and deployed to monitor persons of interest. The U.S. soon adopted the technology and a remote-controlled drone famously filmed Iraqi soldiers surrendering during the first Gulf War.

    Invented by Israeli aerospace engineer, Abraham Karem, The Predator drone soared in popularity during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Its ability to loiter over areas for extended periods of time meant the technology was highly effective in monitoring the daily routine of potential targets, taking pictures and images that provided vital intel to the armed forces.

    Throughout this period the U.S. also deployed smaller, hand-controlled drones, such as the RQ-Raven to assist soldiers in battle. Their purpose was to scout ahead and examine areas for potential threats prior to armed forces entering the area, recording data before transferring findings to a U.S. base of intelligence.

    The Dawning of the Modern Drone videography Age

    Our modern drones and videography can be traced back as far as a few centuries, however, its true birth was in the early 2000s. It was at this time that the drone-builder culture really began to take flight. Online forums, such as DIY Drones helped hobbyists to build a community, share insights, opinions, and insights.

    Drone technology evolved rapidly. From autopilot capabilities to collision detection systems were just two drone advancements – making piloting and aerial videography Dubai accessible to both commercial businesses and keen hobbyists.

    Evolving beyond military application, today drones – and the images they can capture – are shaping the way we view the world. Comparatively cheap, compared to generations past, real estate brokers, construction businesses, and marketers drone videography see drone videography as a key part of their commercial activities. Hobbyists with an ambition to take to the skies similarly become excited at the prospect of flying their very own drones, sharing the experience with friends, and building a community.

    It’s clear that aerial videography and drones have come a long way in a short space of time. Anyone that knows anything about the technology must surely be excited for what the future will hold!


    Top Four Places to Shoot Aerial Photography in Dubai and the UAE

    As one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world, it should come as little surprise that Dubai is host to a never-ending amount of photographic and video production opportunity.

    Whether you’re an established filmmaker or an aspiring hobbyist, drones can elevate your aerial photography Dubai to new heights, capturing hypnotic images that, not only tell hundreds of stories about Dubai but, who you are.

    Whether you’ve made Dubai your home or have the budget for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you owe it to yourself to explore the architectural marvels and picturesque landscapes that Dubai has to offer with your camera.

    Shooting video and photos with drones in Dubai and the rest of the UAE

    Not sure where to start where to start shooting? Have you a clear idea of nature and tone that you’d like your images to personify, only to have a shadow cast on your location scouting? Don’t worry, help is at hand. From sleek skylines to historic places of worship, here are five of the best places to shoot drone photography Dubai – and across the UAE.

    Creekside, Dubai

    Considered to be the soul of Dubai, separating the city from Deira to the north and Bur Dubai to the south, Creekside presents some of the best opportunities for a drone photographer to capture Dubai in all its splendour.

    Whether you venture to the north or the south, you’ll discover energy, enthusiasm, with locations that exude life and represent the ‘human’ side of life in Dubai. With the combination of lively streets, crowded shops, gaggles of people and culinary outlets, there are few better places in Dubai you can go to find the Dubai that they don’t tell you about on all the tourism websites.

    Put your photographic skills to the test. Creekside gives you the opportunity to capture street, portrait, land or cityscape photography. The best time to visit is an hour or two before sunset. Become absorbed in the hustle and bustle or entranced by the vivid colours and unique shapes your eyes will be presented with.

    Four Points by Sheraton and Shangri-la Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

    No urban aerial photography Dubai excursion would be complete without a visit to Four Points. If you’re looking for the perfect cityscape shot, this is where you need to go.

    Level 43 Sky Lounge in Four Points by Sheraton offers a jaw-dropping view of the city and is where some of Dubai’s most iconic urban photography shots have been taken.

    Visit the Shangri-la Hotel pool deck to view Dubai’s towering monument to architectural ingenuity – the Burj Khalifa. Treat your eyes to a panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline and the surrounding buildings and capture this once in a lifetime experience. Before visiting the hotel, make sure to email them in advance to pre-warn them of your intention to take photographs.

    The best time to visit the Shangri-la Hotel is at sunrise or sunset. You’ll be enthused by the exquisite colours in the sky as much as you will be captivated by the colours in the sky.

    Al Ain Desert, Abu Dhabi

    Venturing outside the city of Dubai, the quiet town of Al Ain boasts a perfect desert with beautiful red sand and a night sky that’s been completely untouched by pollution. It’s one of the few places in the world that has remained completely untouched by man’s relentless march, from the industrial to the technological revolution.

    Explore this haven of desert dunes and pearlescent skyline. Like any drone photography and videography in Dubai, Al Ain Desert in Abu Dhabi deserves to be captured in all its glory. Create photographs that will instantly transport you back here from the moment that you look upon your photographs.

    Al Ain is a great place for seasoned drone pilot photographers to visit and test their landscape photography skills. Why not spend a night under the stars to capture night time shots? Such is the unique beauty of this place, you’ll be amazed that it even exists! Visit at sunrise or sunset and take to skies with your drone and capture images that you won’t be able to anywhere else in the world.

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

    A historic building that invokes awe and spectacle, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the most majestic places of worship in the world. Adorned with beautiful mosaic tiles, gold chandeliers and intricate architecture, the grand mosque is one place that, if not an icon of religion, could well have been built purely for photographic opportunities.

    Step into the marbled courtyard and the world’s largest hand-woven carpet and you’ll immediately notice why Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is revered as a place where aerial photography Dubai, and across the UAE, trumps anywhere else in the world.

    Visiting hours are Saturday-Thursday, between 9am and 10pm, though the best time to visit the mosque is an hour or two before sunset, a time when you can catch the blue hour and marvel as it lights up the evening.

    You may have to call in advance to check if photographic equipment, such as tripods, are permitted on the grounds. Though visiting this mosque will leave you under no illusion of what magnificent photography should look like.

    These just four diverse examples of where to capture the best drone photography Dubai and the UAE. Scout the locations ahead of time, decide on where you’d like to shoot and capture images that do more than tell a story; they are the story.


    Environmental Services in Dubai Revolutionised by Drone Videography

    As was highlighted in late summer by a top official in the municipality of Dubai, drones are the latest tool to make sure environmental safety. A clear sign that drone services in Dubai are evolving – and becoming integral to a wide breadth of sectors, this acknowledgment reflects how far the technology has come in the last decade – and its potential to drastically improve commercial operation in the years to come.

    Drone Videography in Dubai

    Originally employed in military application, the prevalence of drones in Dubai’s skies has soared in the last few years. Today commercial video production operations and keen civilian hobbyists fly drones, using their remote capabilities to gather data and swiftly and efficiently deploy goods in hard to reach areas.

    The environment has used drones to great effect – and will continue to do so in the coming years. Let’s look at how drones have revolutionized the environmental sector.

    Effective Deployment

    So, how are drones used in the environmental sector? Well, they have proven vastly effective in monitoring and controlling pollution emanating from industrial sites and other projects. The data they have gathered is used to enhance environmental protection opportunities. This has been clearly stated by the director of the environmental department, Alia Al Harmoudi.

    Clearly advocating for drone companies in Dubai to continue to play a prominent role the environmental services sector, Alia Al Harmoudi stated the advanced specifications and capabilities of Dubai drones save time and other resources when looking to obtain accurate information.

    With flight capabilities improving all the time, and the ability to equip drones with professional HD cameras capable of providing panoramic day and night-time video and images, drone companies in Dubai provide a vital service to a wealth of clients in the environmental services sector.  

    Inspection Teams

    Effective monitoring of industrial sites is essential to safe and secure operations – and public confidence in the activities performed by a business. Inspection is paramount to ensuring that potential issues are identified and resolved. However, on occasion, inspection teams face a challenge readily identifying potential hazards, for example.

    Using drone services in Dubai to remotely view specific areas of an industrial site has grown exponentially over the last few years. The environmental sector in Dubai has borne witness to steady growth over the last few years, however, monitoring of sites using drones equipped with HD cameras has seen an even greater rise in popularity. There is a reduced need to use inspection teams to monitor very specific areas – drones can complete this. The impact this has had is easily quantifiable – and keeps workers safer.

    An Expansion of Services

    The success of using drones in Dubai within the environmental sector has led to an expansion of the services provided. Developmental projects, central cooling stations, and fuel supply stations are now remotely monitored, with fully trained and learned professionals using drones to gather data.

    Areas of focus have shifted, thanks largely to the capabilities of drones. Air control and compliance and meeting the highest standards of environmental safety, adhering to strict regulations, is now easily achievable. This includes the safety and storage of hazardous materials.

    One Specific Environmental Area Explored

    Cement manufacturing facilities have committed to installing air pollution monitoring stations. These are then linked to Dubai’s air quality database. This increases procedural reaction in the event of a facility violating environmental legislation by exceeding permissible environmental limits – with findings recorded through drone services in Dubai.

    Those industrial plants that generate large quantities of air pollutants and pungent odors, resulting from operational processes, have committed to installing pollution and odor control units to demonstrate that they operate within permitted environmental parameters.

    Safety Operations

    Another area within the environmental sector that benefits greatly from deploying drones is safety operations. Drone companies in Dubai have co-ordinated operations with leading security companies to deliver efficient monitoring of environmental sites.

    This is a process that will undoubtedly grow in the coming years – primarily due to its continued effectiveness. Leading proponents of the technology believe that security companies in the emirate should aim to adopt a unified mechanism for the import and storage of hazardous materials. It is hoped that this will enhance environmental safety operations, minimizing any risks.

    All warehouses that contain dangerous goods will be listed on a database. This is part of a strict control plan to make sure that goods are efficiently stored. Not only that, it will then be easy for inspectors to examine and conclude that all environmental parameters are met, thereby enabling businesses to confidently achieve permits – and operate within environmental parameters.

    With such widespread use of drones within the environmental sector already, it seems only logical that when examining the contents of such warehouses, drones will be deployed to make sure that all storage complies with recognized legislation.

    Drone services in Dubai have already revolutionized the environmental sector. With such broad capabilities – and the ambition to create safer, more efficient work processes, it seems only logical to assume that the prevalence of drones in the environmental sector will only grow in the years to come. 


    How to Choose the Best Video Production Company in Dubai?

    2023 is set to be the year of corporate video content. Last year saw an enormous leap in the amount of video content created – a trend that looks set to continue as 2023 unfolds. 

    The bottom line is that if you want your brand to get noticed online, connect, and engage with customers, fuelling their intrigue and inspiring them to get in touch with you, hiring the best video production company in Dubai is a must. 

    But don’t take our word for it. Look at the cold, hard stats:

    • In 2023, customers will spend as long as 100 minutes a day watching video content.
    • Video content consumption is predicted to rise by 20% this year.
    • The average person will spend 50% of their time watching online video content – the other 50% of their time watching conventional television.
    • 95% of marketers plan to increase their spend on video content this year.

    A Top Video Production Company in Dubai Will Get Your Business Seen 

    It’s safe to say that, unless you’re already leveraging video content, now’s the time to find a top video production company, like Sensa Productions, to showcase who you are and what you can do. 

    Whether you want to create brand marketing content that potential customers can’t tear their eyes from, or short how-to explainer videos to add essential page authority and commercial value, you need to hire the services of a creative, commercially astute, learned, and experienced video production company.

    You also want to make sure that you have a company well versed in marketing, like Sensa Productions, who have had tens of millions of views online. So, how can you do this? What qualities do you need to look for when choosing a video production company? 

    5 Ways To Pick The Best Video Production Company In Dubai 

    • High Standards  

    Now, this should be a given – no one wants to hire the services of a business that doesn’t promote quality in all that they do. One thing’s for sure when creating video content – it has to be great. 

    No one will watch bland, uninspired videos. Why would they waste their time? Production standards should be bang on. The message should be clear. Branding on point. It’s your chance to showcase your business’ value. 

    Look at previous videos created by any of the corporate production companies in Dubai you’re considering reaching out to. Do they engage you? Inspire you? Do they reflect the client’s values and branding? 

    Of course, it goes without saying that videos shot in low definition, or on what looks to be an older smartphone, have confused messaging, or don’t reflect the business branding probably won’t be for you.

    • A Strong Portfolio 

    Be sure to check the portfolio of any production companies in Dubai that you’re considering using, after all, the proof’s in the pudding. Pay particular attention to the client the video was shot for and their own branding. Does the video reflect what the client does and what they stand for? Does it achieve what it set out to? Does it grab your attention and compel you to watch the whole thing? All of these questions are essential. But wait, there’s more.

    Ask yourself if the videos are easy to understand and promote exactly what the client was looking for? Does it look like the videos have strong post production? 

    Remember video production has clear stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. If the video was shot outside and you can hear the distracting sounds of the wind, making the audio muffled then it’s likely that the post production wasn’t completed to a high standard – and that’s just one thing to look out for!

    • Favourable Client Testimonials 

    If you want to learn the prowess of a video production company in Dubai that you’re considering employing then check out their client testimonials. This is one of the easiest ways to see how successful the production company really is.

    Be aware of generic, standard testimonials that offer less insight into how goals were achieved. Look for specifics. Testimonials like ‘(company) is great!’ or ‘pleased with the results’ could be fake. 

    Look for context, specifics, and how the video production company delivered on their promises. Reviews of 150 words which give a clear account of the project and how video production achieved the client’s goals, or better still, credible evidence of performance with statistics to back up any claims, something like ‘achieved a twenty percent rise in enquiries’ promote good brand credibility.

    • Clear Passion for Video Content

    Passion bleeds into what you do. No matter what drives you, passion allows you to be better. It’s really that simple. So, a top video production company will demonstrate passion in all they do. 

    It takes a great deal of ambition and perseverance to refine your craft, but the results will be clearly evident in the work you create. Video production experts are motivated by artistic expression, communication, and connection. It’s these qualities that you should be looking for when deciding which is the right company for you.

    Luckily, this shouldn’t be difficult to spot. You’ll be able to see this in how genuine they are in their enthusiasm for undertaking your project. They’ll be forthcoming with creative and innovative ideas. They’ll offer solutions. They’ll be willing to work in partnership with you.

    But ultimately, they’ll completely put you at ease, allying any fears you have and spark your own passion for the project.

    • An Abundance of Creativity

    These days video content can be a bit… samey. Look online and you’ll find a wealth of how-to videos, for instance. Animation or in-person, they’re all the same. After a while, these videos all start to blend together. They do exactly the opposite of what video content should do – they become uninspiring. 

    However, choose a video production company that can think outside the box, for instance, using drone videography to communicate a message, and you’ll be on to a winner. 

    Look at how video production companies in Dubai, or anywhere in the world for that matter, have interpreted a brief and delivered video content that’s different from the standard, run-of-the-mill content. Look for creativity. This is how they’ll be able to make sure that your video marketing will make an impact.

    Choosing a Video Production Company 

    It’s relatively easy to choose a video production company – when you know how. Pay attention to the five traits and make sure that any business that you’re considering using embodies them. This is how you’ll set yourself up for success from the outset. 

    Sensa Productions embodies these traits – and much, much more. This is what we can offer you. Interested in learning more, get in touch with us today.



    Why Filming Your Corporate Video Production in Dubai on Your Own Smartphone Is a Bad Idea

    Don’t use your smartphone to record corporate videos. It’s that simple. Sure, it might seem convenient, cost-effective and you may even have someone in the business who’s proclaims themselves a whizz with a smartphone but entrusting what is your most immersive marketing activity to an amateur who just happens to have a handheld device at their disposal is foolhardy. 

    Filming Corporate Video Production in Dubai

    Imagine for a moment that you’ve shot tonnes of footage. You’ve even managed to cobble a series of videos together. Sure, that narrative may be all over the place, the purpose of each video confused, the footage a mite shaky and the editing all over the place, but you have a series of corporate videos that’ll do the job. 

    Does just ‘doing the job’ inspire brand confidence? No. Not at all. The bottom line is that your corporate video production in Dubai should ALWAYS showcase YOUR PROWESS. 

    So, let’s have a look at why filming your corporate videos on a smartphone is a bad idea and why you MUST entrust all video production to an expert production house like Sensa Productions. 

    Ergonomic Stability

    What do you think of shaky cam? For a time, it was all the range in Hollywood. Directors must have figured the technique to be immersive. But is something really immersive if, at best it’s difficult to decipher what you’re seeing and, at worse, it makes you feel nauseas? We think not. 

    Then same principal can be applied when filming on your smartphone. Unless you magically have rock steady hands (which is highly unlikely), it’s nigh on impossible to stabilise and comfortably hold your smartphone for prolonged periods of time. Sure, you could buy a tripod or ergonomic gimbal, but which should you buy? Will it be any good? 

    Remember, promoting inadequate quality videos is worse than promoting no videos at all. Inadequate quality videos tell audiences two things: one, you don’t know what you’re doing. Two, you don’t care what you’re doing. Neither inspires confidence and trust.

    Limited Recording Options 

    As if not only being able to shoot shaky videos wasn’t bad enough, but there’s also another reason not to entrust you’re, let’s face it, vital corporate video production to smartphones: you have limited recording options. 

    Many so-called affordable phones promise 960fps. But this isn’t technically true. You’ll need hardware support to shoot at true 960fps. This software interpolation copies and duplicates frames. The result? Choppy and poor-quality resolution. A more realistic resolution is 480fps. The result? Not what we would say is the best quality video content. 

    When all’s said and done, you’d be better off entrusting your corporate videos to a reputable production house like Sensa Productions – one with the expertise and equipment to shoot and edit stellar videos!

    Lack of Knowledge, Experience and Creativity 

    The last point is the most important. You might consider yourself to be someone rich in creativity. Shooting and editing a corporate video is totally in your wheelhouse. But is it really? Without being presumptuous, the answer is likely to be no. 

    When you want something done right, you call in the experts. The professionals. Sure, most of us can shoot a video, but in the grand scheme of things, not everyone is Steven Spielberg! The lack of knowledge, experience and – most importantly creativity – will be telling in the final product. Trust us.

    So, whether you’re shooting product launch or commercial videos, all corporate video production should be entrusted to the experts at Sensa Productions

    Have you a corporate video project in mind? Need some help. Get in touch with Sensa Productions today.


    Video Editor Dubai

    Professional Video Editing Services in Dubai

    If you have video that needs editing, Sensa Productions offers great video editing services in Dubai, the UAE and worldwide. Our video editing studio is home to an award winning post production team. Read on to find out more about our video editing services, or contact us now for a quote for your video editing project.

    What is a video editing company?

    Video editing companies deal with post production, which is putting different videos together and editing them to create a finished film or video production.  

    A video editing company in Dubai, such as Sensa Productions, offers content creators help with polishing up their videos into a carefully crafted piece.  

    What are Video Editing Services?

    Our list of video editing services covers everyone from small YouTube creators up to big budget TV and film production. The post production studio is centred around computers with the latest video editing software. 

    The first step is to gather footage, which is usually separate from the audio. When all the video clips and audio clips have been gathered together, they are analysed by the creative team. 

    Sensa Productions slogan is that we are a “creative video production company in Dubai“. This means we have the expertise to decide on how to edit footage and sound so that it becomes an attractive story for your viewers. This is achieved by deciding on a look to go for, then implementing factors such as the list below.

    • Storyboarding. Deciding on a narrative and look based on what message you want to send.
    • Video sound editing. Removing background noise, normalising volume etc..
    • Smooth transitions. Both visual and audio clips are blended to fit the theme.
    • Colour correction. Also known as colour grading. To achieve a certain look. 
    • Encoding. Exporting the final cut of the video. Plus short clips for trailers and social media.

    Take a look at our showreel for some quick examples of our video editing…

    How much does it cost to edit a video?

    This is a question you will need to contact us about. As a professional video editing agency in Dubai, we offer competitive pricing to suit the project. If you are looking for the cheapest video editors in Dubai, we are not the company for you. If you are looking for the best video editors in Dubai, Sensa Productions should certainly be considered for your production. 

    Which brand is best for video editing?

    We do have awards and claim to be the best video editing studio in Dubai, but we aren’t right for every project. You should take a look at our extensive portfolio of past work and see if our past projects align with your needs and wants.

    This also gives us a chance to get started on the creative side of things. If you see one of our previous bodies of work and decide you want something similar, let us know and we will instantly be able to look back on that past success and decide which elements would work well for your project.

    Coming up with a clear strategy early on is the key to a successful video production.

    What are the Different Types of Video Editing Services?

    This could be a big list, but we will try and keep it concise. If you don’t see something that matches your vision, contact us anyway to see if we do what you need. Click on each one to go through to our portfolio pages. 

    • Commercial. This could be a promotional video for your business or organisation, or advertisements for any platform.
    • Corporate. In house training, company overviews and new service introductory videos.
    • Events. Weddings, conferences, parties, product launch events.
    • Music videos. We especially enjoy music videos as it lets us get our creative juices flowing.
    • Product videos. Launch a new product or service for mainstream TV, social media and elsewhere.
    • Hotels and Resorts. We can put together stunning showcase videos for the travel and tourism industry.
    • Animation. Animated explainer videos.
    • Properties. Property listings. Aerial mapping and surveying. We even have a special division for aerial videos: Sky Vision.
    • Social Media Videos. All types of content with different versions for all the social media platforms.
    • Media. News and current events. Quick turnaround projects with deadlines.
    • Film. We love working on films and movies. From documentaries to comedies and everything in between.
    • TV. TV series and anything else you would see on television.

    We can edit videos for different platforms like TV, film, media plus different sized videos to fit the various social media platforms. We can use different video codecs and aspect ratios to meet the requirements of your project. If you need help, our Dubai video editors have the expertise to make sure your videos are in the right format.

    Sensa Productions Post Production Company

    We are a full service video production company, offering all the features you would expect from a professional production house. We are based in the Business Bay area of Dubai, UAE.  You are most welcome to visit us in person. If you are based outside the UAE, we can have video conferences to discuss your projects. 

    If you want the best Dubai has to offer in post production, Sensa Productions should be the first video editing company name on your list. Whether you need video editing for YouTube or a feature film, our production studio can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

    Please contact us now on +971 4 578 6254 to discover how we can help you. 


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    Key Tips to Get Music Video Production in Dubai Right

    Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito,’ Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You.’ You might know the song’s – or you might not – everyone’s musical taste is different! But you know the music videos.

    Get Music Video Production in Dubai Right

    The right music video not only compliments a single, but it also elevates it. When shared across multiple platforms, increasing an artist’s visibility, it increases artist exposure exponentially. It demands attention, invokes an emotional or psychological response and convinces audiences to put their hands in their pockets. 

    That being said, getting music production in Dubai – or anywhere in the world, right for that matter, is paramount. Want to know how it’s done. What Sensa Digital can do for you? Keep reading. 

    Storyboard Conceptualising with a Creative Production Studio

    The best music videos tell a story. One that’s engaging. They have plot, narrative, genre, even characters. Often casting the artist in the central role. There’s a clear concept, one that’s well-executed. 

    To do this, you need to leverage the service of a music video production company with the requisite expertise. A business that can translate ideas into visuals. That can plot scenes that follow an engaging narrative. That knows how to storyboard. A music video production company like Sensa Digital.

    Choose the Right Videographer Team

    Some video production companies have experience in creating ‘how to’ videos. Others in product launches. If you need to hire a company with music production in Dubai expertise, you need to identify one with just that experience. With a team of individuals that each bring something to the table, working to a common, collective goal. 

    A well-structured team will typically feature a director, DP, videographer, producer, video editor and, potentially a few assistants. Be sure to choose the right team for your budget. One with the requisite skills. Try not to cut financial corners and hire people with expertise. You won’t regret it. 

    Don’t Forget the Sound Engineer

    What good is a music video without dulcet, clear sound? No good. It achieves the exact opposite of its purpose! If you’re in need of music production in Dubai – or anywhere for that matter – you need to hire a professional sound engineer to make sure the audio is crisp and clear. 

    The good news is that there are professional sound engineers with experience working on music videos. They know what they’re doing. Have built up sufficient expertise to hone the sound quality to the nth degree. If you want to create an impactful music video, don’t forget the sound engineer!

    Edit the Video Footage Well

    Audience’s can spot bad editing a mile away. At best, bad editing is jarring. At worse, it ruins the narrative. Getting all the footage shot is only half the job. Next comes the editing. 

    The editor is responsible for transforming raw footage into a narrative. A good music production in Dubai company will have a great editor in their arsenal. Making cuts at the right moment, honing the frame speed, adding any post-production special effects all enhance to the final quality of the video. And more. A good editor – like those employed at Sensa Digital knows just how to do all this – and more. 

    Split Testing Your Video

    Once the video has been shot, edited and signed off, there’s one more important action to take – split testing your video. The results will tell you which parts resonate well with audiences, and which would be better left on the cutting room floor. 

    As an any essential aspect of any marketing plan, knowing this will help you to shoot and edit better videos in the future. Any educated music video production company in Dubai, like Sensa Digital, will be well-versed in using A/B split testing tools to see if any music/editing/special effects are favoured over any alternatives. 

    Looking for a video production house in Dubai with the expertise to deliver innovative, engaging, affectual music videos? Get in touch with Sensa Digital today.


    Should You Engage in TV Commercial Film Production in Dubai?

    Yes. It’s that straightforward. Sure, we might be living in a digital-driven world, one that bombards us with ads every single day, but the humble TV commercial still proves to be and efficient means of communicating and persuading audiences to buy or buy into products and services. 

    TV Commercial Film Production in Dubai

    You only need to look at the USA and the Superbowl to understand this. 30 seconds of ad time will set you back approximately $7 million! * Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds have all parted with millions of dollars for that change to get their brands in front of a nationwide audience of close to 100 million people. * 

    Now, we’re aware that the USA isn’t the UAE. But in a world where televisions are ubiquitous, advertising is still big business in 2022. Which is why if you want to reach a huge audience you really need to invest in TV commercial film production in Dubai

    Why Do TV Commercials Work? 

    Now this is a broad question – one that we could write a whole blog or three about. But, for the sake of time, we’ll just outline the key reasons why TV commercials are effective. 

    Firstly, there’s trust. Consumers believe that if a brand or business has the money to advertise on TV they are doing rather well. After all, we’re not talking about a small handful of PPC marketing here. We’re talking about a significant financial investment. A business with a large customer base demonstrates that it knows what it’s doing and does what it says.

    Secondly, TV broadcasters in the UAE (like other countries) must abide by the rules of regulatory bodies. These are pretty straightforward. In the UAE, advertisers must agree to uphold the religious, cultural and social values in the UAE. TV ad content must be impartial, truthful, respectful and free of harmful influences, whilst upholding the UAE’s moral standards. 

    Then there’s the data. Online brand search has a direct correlation to TV commercial film production in Dubai. Audiences will see an ad on TV and then search for the business, product or service online – sometimes searching for the ad on their phone before it has even finished!

    A Basic Guide of What to Do to Start Advertising on TV

    So, without going into mountains of detail, there are a handful of decisions to make to start advertising on TV. These aren’t complicated but do require a little thought.

    Choose the Right Video Production Company in Dubai

    This is critical. Always choose a TV commercial film production company with experience of creating exceptional, engaging, effectual commercials to brief – with the budget you have available. 

    Don’t just open your laptop, search Google and contact the first production company you see. You need to choose a business with solid experience – one that has preferably won awards – like Sensa Digital and, importantly, knows how to craft videos that complies with the guidelines. 

    There’s no point having the budget and inclination to make your TV commercial film production in Dubai novel, what is thought as innovative, even risqué, only to discover that the chances of it being aired are slim to none. 

    DON’T hire a production company that says ‘yes’ to your every solution. THEY should be the ones leading the creative process, the ones instilling confidence, the ones with the experience to create bold, affecting video commercials! 

    By saying ‘yes’ to everything, they might just be creatively bankrupt!

    BTS Sensa Production film production company Dubai

    Create a Budget-Friendly Media Focused Plan

    One of the first questions an agency specialising in TV commercial film production in Dubai will ask you is what your budget is? So, it makes sense that this will be the first decision you make. Knowing your budget gives TV production companies in Dubai, like Sensa Digital, a clearer idea of what they can do. For instance, hiring a helicopter for aerial shots may be off the table, but drone videography may be a possibility. 

    Building an emotive, ultra-HD, cinematic masterpiece to promote your fragrance may be out of the question, but you might be able to design an animated TV commercial – one that strikes a chord with your audience. 

    These are all budgetary decisions that must be addressed at the planning stage.

    Draft a Clear Brief

    Lastly, always draft a clear brief. Be candid about what you want your TV commercial to achieve. Rebranding? Want to conquer the Asian or international market? Solidify brand authority? These are all questions any TV commercial film production in Dubai will have to know to create the best commercial. 

    Explain what your selling, who your target audience is, who you want to influence and what the actions you want audiences to take. Pick up the phone? Visit your website? Book a test drive? Only by knowing this will TV and commercial film production companies in Dubai be able to create the ideal content for you.

    Interested in learning more about why Sensa Digital is the premier TV commercial film production in Dubai? Get in touch with us today.




    Why Every Successful Film Production in Dubai NEVER Neglects Preproduction

    Ever heard the saying that success is 90% in the planning, 10% execution? This is true of any professional endeavour, but especially true of film production. 

    When producing a film for any purpose, there are several hurdles. Plan successfully and you’ll sail over them, sprinting for the finish line, neglect preproduction and you may just find yourself falling at the first hurdle.

    Film Production in Dubai

    The big question is how much time do you need to plan a film production in Dubai versus shooting and editing? Broadly speaking, the process should be broken down into thirds. Plan, shoot, edit. But what if you have a particularly challenging concept to film – one that juggles several different elements simultaneously? 

    DON’T neglect pre-production. Invest as much time as you need to. If you believe that you need to devote more time to planning than shooting, do so!

    Bringing Concept to Life

    One of the key ingredients to a successful film production is understanding who clients, the purpose of the film and any vision clients may have. Don’t rush this process. Not fully understanding any of these intentions will compromise the success of the project. 

    Then there’s the client’s personality. This can determine the tone of the film. Think about it, some people are cynical, others optimistic. Some favour the serious, others have a more light-hearted approach to life. 

    But don’t assume. Sure, a client may be somewhat of a joker, but that doesn’t mean that all film production in Dubai should be all giggles. What if the purpose is to convey the emotional impact of illness? It’s not astute to storyboard, shoot and edit a film with joke after joke, right? 

    When it’s all said and done, use preproduction to ascertain exactly what will be the most impactful final film. Hint: it may not be exactly what the client pictured at the initial meeting, but that’s why they’ve hired a film production house – to do the things they can’t. 

    Remember too, you won’t even begin to storyboard, shoot and edit the film until you’ve fully nailed the concept. Neglect to do this and you’ll end up with mixed messaging, a tone that’s all over the place, a muddled purpose and poor value proposition. 

    How to Manage Scheduling

    Now scheduling. In terms of organisation and completion of the project to any deadlines, scheduling is integral to the success of any film production in Dubai. Producers should work with DP’s and project managers, designers and video editors to bring the script to life whilst keeping to budget. 

    Leveraging or hiring a cast and crew with the requisite skills and experience to shoot the film, scouting locations and arranging shooting dates all fall under the scheduling quota. Remember the shooting process must run as smoothly as possible. Everyone has to know their roles, from directors to craft service. 

    Shot lists, camera tests and lighting and sound testing and much more should be undertaken at this stage. Any issues such as poor sound or lighting will need to be identified and resolved too. Why? You don’t want to encounter any hiccups that delay the production and compromise deadline delivery. 

    A Seamless Production Schedule

    This leads us nicely onto the production schedule and managing any issues you may encounter. Always build in some time to address and mitigate any potential issues at the production stage. It’s not uncommon for some issues to be resolved in post-production (for instance, lighting and sound quality), but don’t forget to build this into the agreed schedule timescale. 

    Investing just a little extra time in advance of the production goes a long way to guaranteeing a seamless, successful production. The very last thing you want to happen is for something to wrong and not have enough time to address it. 

    Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve scouted shooting locations, and each requires a drive to get there. Knowing precisely how long it takes to reach them – and, more importantly, the best route is ideal to making sure that your film production in Dubai isn’t delayed by transport times.

    As you can see, there are several reasons why every successful film production doesn’t neglect preproduction. Interested in learning more about why preproduction is paramount and how Sensa Digital excels at this crucial stage? Get in touch with us today.