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    Film Production Companies in Dubai – Sensa Productions

    film production companies in Dubai

    Sensa Productions – Providing Valued, Tailored and Opinion-Making Film Production Across the UAE. 

    Sensa Productions is a multi-award-winning film production company in Dubai

    With a rich history of creating immersive video content that inspires and influences audiences. Sensa has worked with top brands and respected organisations such as the Dubai Police:

    DUBAI POLICE RECRUITMENT VIDEO from Sensa Productions on Vimeo.

    Drawing on unrivalled creativity and experience, Sensa Productions storyboards, shoots and edits video content that will focus your message and elevate your brand. If you’d like to learn how Sensa Productions helps customers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain – the whole of the UAE, to create stellar video content, get in touch with us today.

    Why Choose Sensa Film Production to Promote Your Business in Dubai and throughout the UAE?

    Businesses need video content. Why? It’s quite simple. Audiences who view video content retain 95% of the message. That’s a powerful statistic – with a return on your investment that’s difficult to match.

    But there’s more. Even back in 2021, approximately 80% of consumer internet traffic was video. It’s the evolution of search. It’s the evolution of content creation. In 2024 it has never been more important to hire a film production company.

    Video content engages different senses. By combining audio and visual, you can reinforce the intent, purpose, and message of what you’re communicating. Each second can spark interest, communicate value, and bolster authority.

    Businesses don’t have the luxury of time to build a rapport with their customers. Our increasingly digital world has resulted in consumers expecting to get access to the information they want immediately. Every second counts, maximising the impact of your content is paramount. Video does just this.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, the impact of video content is huge. You can demonstrate who you are and what you’re about in seconds. You can pique attention, demonstrate authority, and immerse viewers. Informing, educating, inspiring, convincing, and rewarding in seconds.

    Now think about static content. Can you do the same? Of course, you can pique attention, inform, and maybe educate in thirty seconds, but that’s about it. Bottom line, static content takes longer to absorb than video content. Static content tells a part of story. Video tells the whole story.

    Don’t forget that everyone watches videos. Google knows this – and they prioritize video when indexing content. If you want to be found online, you need to have video content. Engaging the services of production houses in UAE to create video content has proven to be one of the most successful ways of getting your business noticed.

    Why Choose a Reputable Film Production Company in Dubai like Sensa Productions?

    The UAE is unlike anywhere else in the world. Its famed for the striking contrast of its landscapes, from chic, urbane cityscapes to chromatic white beaches. The northern extent of Rub Al Khali even has a smattering of lush forests and The Sustainable City is a feast for the eyes.

    Production houses in the UAE take advantage of these glorious backdrops by shooting videos in some of the world’s most vivid landscapes and city meccas. From videos shot around the Burj Khalifa to panoramic views of the world’s largest desert – Rub Al Khali (or Empty Quarter) – any cinematographer in Dubai has a bountiful choice of landscapes to let their imagination run wild and create bespoke content.

    Even better, UAE’s landscape is constantly evolving. Sleek architectural structures contrast historic landmarks. Lush landscapes dotted across the region complement saltwater creeks with distinctive port harbours. As the years unfold and technology becomes more and more advanced, new areas of the UAE can be explored and captured. The very landscape itself evolves from one year to another, giving creative cinematographers a bountiful palette from which they draw inspiration and create unique content.

    Choose a creative media production company like Sensa Productions and you’re guaranteed impactful video content that shows off the region’s rich diversity – communicating you’re an organizations’ narrative in an inspired way.

    From an aerial view of the historic Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum House to the internationally renowned Sustainable City, even the Jumeriah Beach Hotel and JBR Open Beach, the UAE is one of the more aesthetically diverse regions in the world.

    Film production companies in Dubai, like Sensa Productions, know how to use the natural landscape and cosmopolitan surroundings to create sublime video content that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world.

    Why Sensa Productions Is the Premier Video Production Company in Dubai and throughout the UAE

    Sensa Productions can storyboard, shoot, and edit immersive panoramic views of UAE’s land and cityscapes. From aerial views of the glorious natural and urbane architecture to professionally shot branding video content, capturing those one-in-a-lifetime moments at a social soiree, and, of course, brand marketing material to inspire your audience, Sensa Productions can create video content tailored to your individual purpose.

    Having worked with a broad range of clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and across the whole of the UAE, Sensa Productions understands how to create video content that perfectly encapsulates your brand message, inspiring your target audience.

    We have won more than 25 awards internationally for our work, including a number of prestigious awards. These include an Award of Merit for the Best Shorts at a film festival in California, winner at the Southampton Film Festival and at the prestigious NAQSH Film Festival in Bahrain.

    As an award-winning cinematographer in Dubai, we have worked with a range of blue-chip organisations, providing stellar video content. From Mercedes Benz to Emirates, our production team has brought their creativity and technical skill to a range of projects.

    More than merely a production house, Sensa Productions uses cutting-edge 4K resolution cameras to capture videos in the most elegant detail. Moreover, we are vastly experienced using drones to create a truly cinematic experience.

    With a growing portfolio of blue-chip clients, Sensa Production's reputation as one of the go-to film production companies in Dubai, and throughout the UAE is second-to-none. However, our diversity is demonstrated by our work with both established brands and smaller businesses alike. Able to identify what appeals to both expansive and broad audiences and creating a compelling visual narrative, we have achieved an excellent ROI for clients of all descriptions.

    The Range of Clients that Sensa Productions Has Worked with in Dubai and Around the World

    Below is a list that showcases why we are considered one of the leading production companies in Dubai:

    • Mercedes Benz
    • Emirates
    • Oman Air
    • Jumeriah
    • Finnair
    • Anantara
    • Porsche
    • Claire Baker Couture
    • Dubai Police

    Interested in learning more? How about checking out our customer testimonials.

    ‘Trustworthy and great to work with. Thank you for delivering right on time and to budget.’
    Yaser Taha, CMO, Jumeriah Luxury

    ‘From the concept to the implementation and the end results, we are impressed with the professionalism of the Sensa Productions team who truly delivered!’
    Greta Salsburg, Porsche

    Frequently Asked Questions of Sensa Productions Video Production

    Question: How much does it cost?

    Answer: The cost depends on the complexity of the project. Obviously, filming lasting several days will cost more than a single day. Also, the cost will increase depending on the amount of post- production required. The size of the production crew will be considered as will any location scouting. Sensa Productions work with clients who have a range of budgets, so whatever your requirements, you’ll receive a tailored quote.

    Question: How much client input is required?

    Answer: We like to work in partnership with our clients to learn as much about you as possible. This can involve face-to-face or video conferencing meetings. We may ask you to complete a short questionnaire and encourage you to have as much or as little input as you’d like with the scripting and visual process. (Can be amended if not accurate.) As a transparent video production company Dubai, we will keep you informed at every stage of the process, listening to feedback, and making sure that our videos are perfectly tailored to your vision.

    Question: What does video production involve?

    Answer: Every project is different, but broadly speaking, the production process has three separate phases.

    Pre-production: We work with you to learn about your organization and identify the core aims of your video(s). We’ll ask you questions like, who is your target audience? What is (are) your key message(s)? What are your goals for your video production? What are your organizations key values and what tone do you want your organization to embody?
    Production: Once we understand who you are and what you want to achieve, we will then plan and capture all the required footage. This could include aerial video using progressive drone technology or studio-based video. We will schedule production accordingly and take a plentiful amount of footage that will then be cut into a video that perfectly portrays your message

    Post-production: Once all the film has been shot we’ll edit the footage into a coherent narrative, adding music, graphics, and titles where appropriate. We give you the opportunity to provide your input, reviewing video drafts before the video is finalised (can be amended to suit process.)

    Question: What equipment does Sensa Productions use?

    Answer: We use only cutting-edge equipment to capture and produce videos of the highest quality. This includes 4K or 8K (can be amended to suit equipment used), the latest DJI Mavic drones, radio mics and lighting kit. We also employ the latest Adobe software to compile footage together and create visually stunning video (software used can be amended to suit software used.)

    Question: In what format will I receive my video files?

    Answer: We supply our videos in the most commonly used formats, .mov or .mp4. However, we’re happy to convert the files into another format if you’d like. (File format and conversion can be changed depending on service.)

    One of the most respected production companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, Sensa Productions combined extensive experience with unrivalled creativity and a depth of creative and technical understanding that cannot be matched. If you want to showcase your organisation to the world, Sensa Productions is the only business to consider.

    In 2023, 83% of businesses used video production as an essential part of their marketing strategy. Trust us, if you’re not doing the same, your competitors will be!

    Interested in learning how Sensa Digital can help you to influence your target audience by creating an immersive and memorable video experience? Get in touch with our team today to find out more.