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    Should You Engage in TV Commercial Film Production in Dubai?

    TV Commercial Film Production in Dubai

    Yes. It’s that straightforward. Sure, we might be living in a digital-driven world, one that bombards us with ads every single day, but the humble TV commercial still proves to be and efficient means of communicating and persuading audiences to buy or buy into products and services. 

    TV Commercial Film Production in Dubai

    You only need to look at the USA and the Superbowl to understand this. 30 seconds of ad time will set you back approximately $7 million! * Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds have all parted with millions of dollars for that change to get their brands in front of a nationwide audience of close to 100 million people. * 

    Now, we’re aware that the USA isn’t the UAE. But in a world where televisions are ubiquitous, advertising is still big business in 2022. Which is why if you want to reach a huge audience you really need to invest in TV commercial film production in Dubai

    Why Do TV Commercials Work? 

    Now this is a broad question – one that we could write a whole blog or three about. But, for the sake of time, we’ll just outline the key reasons why TV commercials are effective. 

    Firstly, there’s trust. Consumers believe that if a brand or business has the money to advertise on TV they are doing rather well. After all, we’re not talking about a small handful of PPC marketing here. We’re talking about a significant financial investment. A business with a large customer base demonstrates that it knows what it’s doing and does what it says.

    Secondly, TV broadcasters in the UAE (like other countries) must abide by the rules of regulatory bodies. These are pretty straightforward. In the UAE, advertisers must agree to uphold the religious, cultural and social values in the UAE. TV ad content must be impartial, truthful, respectful and free of harmful influences, whilst upholding the UAE’s moral standards. 

    Then there’s the data. Online brand search has a direct correlation to TV commercial film production in Dubai. Audiences will see an ad on TV and then search for the business, product or service online – sometimes searching for the ad on their phone before it has even finished!

    A Basic Guide of What to Do to Start Advertising on TV

    So, without going into mountains of detail, there are a handful of decisions to make to start advertising on TV. These aren’t complicated but do require a little thought.

    Choose the Right Video Production Company in Dubai

    This is critical. Always choose a TV commercial film production company with experience of creating exceptional, engaging, effectual commercials to brief – with the budget you have available. 

    Don’t just open your laptop, search Google and contact the first production company you see. You need to choose a business with solid experience – one that has preferably won awards – like Sensa Digital and, importantly, knows how to craft videos that complies with the guidelines. 

    There’s no point having the budget and inclination to make your TV commercial film production in Dubai novel, what is thought as innovative, even risqué, only to discover that the chances of it being aired are slim to none. 

    DON’T hire a production company that says ‘yes’ to your every solution. THEY should be the ones leading the creative process, the ones instilling confidence, the ones with the experience to create bold, affecting video commercials! 

    By saying ‘yes’ to everything, they might just be creatively bankrupt!

    BTS Sensa Production film production company Dubai

    Create a Budget-Friendly Media Focused Plan

    One of the first questions an agency specialising in TV commercial film production in Dubai will ask you is what your budget is? So, it makes sense that this will be the first decision you make. Knowing your budget gives TV production companies in Dubai, like Sensa Digital, a clearer idea of what they can do. For instance, hiring a helicopter for aerial shots may be off the table, but drone videography may be a possibility. 

    Building an emotive, ultra-HD, cinematic masterpiece to promote your fragrance may be out of the question, but you might be able to design an animated TV commercial – one that strikes a chord with your audience. 

    These are all budgetary decisions that must be addressed at the planning stage.

    Draft a Clear Brief

    Lastly, always draft a clear brief. Be candid about what you want your TV commercial to achieve. Rebranding? Want to conquer the Asian or international market? Solidify brand authority? These are all questions any TV commercial film production in Dubai will have to know to create the best commercial. 

    Explain what your selling, who your target audience is, who you want to influence and what the actions you want audiences to take. Pick up the phone? Visit your website? Book a test drive? Only by knowing this will TV and commercial film production companies in Dubai be able to create the ideal content for you.

    Interested in learning more about why Sensa Digital is the premier TV commercial film production in Dubai? Get in touch with us today.